Prayer Requests

A part of any ministry is the ability to have others pray with and for you in your times of celebration and need.  My hope is that as people respond here that all followers of Christ who are reading this blog will take time out of their day to pray with those that request it.

Blessing to all.

Pastor Jim


  1. Please pray for my mother's friend, Jennifer, who is suffering from cancer. She was just diagnosed a few months back and already it has spread throughout her body. She struggles with the idea of chemo as her step-son died from complications with his chemo just years before when he had cancer.

    Lord, please surround Jennifer, her family, and the doctors and nurses who surround her with clarity, insight, peace and joy. Thy will be done.

    Thank you.

  2. Please pray for my friend Tim who I do some tech work with at a local church. Tim was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. I don't believe he has much in the way of family in the area and he is such an awesome guy. I just ask for the Lord's will to be done, that peace flow upon Tim, and that he will feel God's warm embrace in this situation.

    Thank you

  3. Please pray for the Paul and the Koening families as they have lost loved ones this week. It's never easy to lose someone we love. Let them know comfort, peace and guidance from the Lord over the difficult times to come.

  4. I recently joined a prison fellowship to pray for/with women in our local prison. Please pray that our group stays strong and truly shows the love of Jesus to the lost in a dark world.

  5. My brothers health, he is a 43 year old veteran, has high blood pressure, meds that i believe are not working consistantly with doctor changes every 6 to12 months at the VA. He has a bad cold for 3 weeks and coughing up small pockets of blood . He is waiting to go see the doc at the va on his normal appt but i wish he would go in sooner. Healing and comfort and a hedge of protection over his mind and heart.

  6. Update on my brother, he still has his cough n cold but it is a minuscule thing of what it was. Nearly 3 months have passed and he has been told it may take 4 to 6 months to be complete. Thank you...scott albaugh