Library of Recommended Readings

The Bible - The most important book that we will ever read.  Many books within a book and there are of course many different translations.  If you are looking for something that is more moder sounding, try The Message translation.  This was translated into more of today's nuances with speach and vernacular. 

Batterson, Mark - In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day - How to Survive and Thrive when Opportunity Roars - This book gives a different look at how fear paralyzes us into inaction.  Fear and inaction are two of the largest enemies of Christians today.  Why are you afraid?  What if the plan that God has for your really is hidden in the thing you fear the most?  Based off what you see currently in Get Out of the Boat ministries, this book is most definitely a catalyst that helped me overcome my fear of what the world thought of me and helped me accept the life that God has planned for me.  A must read!!!

Young, Wm. Paul - The Shack - What would you do if everything in your life was turned upside down and nothing was as it appears.  The Shack is a book that changed my perception of what our relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have the capability of being.  Many will look at this book as one of fiction.  Some may find their heart changed like nothing has ever done before.  Either way, it was a book that had sections that I dreaded because I could sense what was coming and others where I unashamedly cried with joy.  This was one of my favorite reads of this past year.

Chan, Francis - Crazy Love -
Ludy, Eric & Leslie - "When God Writes Your Life Story"
Strand,Robert "The B Word"

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